The Assembly


The Assembly is a social gathering place, eatery and bar. Our purpose? To meet the needs of the upwardly mobile professional who enjoys community, healthy food and work all in one place.

We are passionate about creating a space that authentically encourages our community to spend time, eat well and work freely.


Spend Time

We want you to stay awhile. Come, enjoy, experience and live your best life in this space. Feel free to grab a bite to eat and a drink, socialize with those who matter most and snag a comfortable seat. We pride ourselves on having all the amenities you would want and need no matter what time of day it is


Eat Well

Feel good about being full. Our bowls, smoothies and snacks are simple and delicious. We pride ourselves on using quality ingredients and offering you options to meet your dietary desires. Choose from our pre-crafted menu or build your own. Either way, enjoy a beautifully designed, delicious, nutritious meal and just be sure to snap a picture of it.


Work Freely

You’re on the go. You have work to do. And all you need is an inspiring space with all the amenities. We have you covered. Our space is uniquely designed for the mobile professional who wants to work, meet, chill and be inspired. We are passionate about creating a space that shifts your energy and makes work feel more like play. 


Get In Touch

We’d love to have you join our community! Stay in touch and up to date on our progress, the local pop-up events that we’re hosting all over Columbus, and when our first Columbus location will be open!